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Client Success Stories - What Our Clients Are Saying

"I am in Sales & Marketing and I was very pleased with the way Surranna Sandy was able to market me - it was better than I ever could on my own. During our coaching sessions, she's was really an invaluable resource that every business professional should have available. If you're about to launch a job search, you need to contact Surranna asap!" 

Robert S., Vice President of Corporate Marketing

The interview coaching session was great - i allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses in an interview situation. The services I received from the company have been nothing but exceptional - that is why I came back for other services., Wendy B, Policy Analyst 



I just accepted an offer from ***! Thank you for your career coaching help, I could not do this without your help throughout the process. When people ask me for a good Career Coach, I can respond by saying "Call Sandy, She is the BEST." Thanks!, Serge O., Marketing Manager



"Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for all the help and providing the steps to get me a little more focused on a career path. the 4 sessions were very helpful and I learned a great deal about my self. I have just recieved a copy of the resume and cover letter and I must say they look fantastic.", Michael P, VP IT

“Thank you, Thank you, I honestly believe that without your interview coaching I would not be in my wonderful job! You helped me avoid stumbling over expressing my career achievements and instead provided me with the confidence to give them a compelling reason to hire me.” Shirley James, Director of Operations, Mississauga, ON


"Hi everyone, 

I just want to let you know today was the best day in the last two months. In less than 24h I got 2 job offers and I was able to pick the one that suites me the best, the one where my previous experience was appreciated and rewarded. August 3rd I’ll start as an IT group manager for a multinational company working on the projects where I excelled. I would like to thank everyone for helping me".

Regards, Roberto P., IT Group Manager"



I wanted to send you guys an email because I had my resume rewritten several months ago and and a few weeks ago I got my dream job. I am now administrating a just under 50 servers and even more desktops. In a couple weeks, my new job is flying me across the country to deploy another server for there largest most profitable customer. Best of all, I'm only 22 years old. Thanks again!", Kaleb H., IT Professional


"How are you doing? I just want to say Thank You. I got the job! :) They did asked some questions we prepared together, like "what is your greatest achievement" and "why are you interested in this job". They also asked some behaviour questions like "tell me a time when you have to make a split second decision" and "tell me a time when you had a conflict with your group mate, how did you solve it". No weird questions. I am glad that I practiced with you and my friends before the interview. I appreciate for your help. Thank you. :) Best regards, C.C., Staff Accountant

"Hi, Thank-you very much for meeting with me yesterday. I believe that your interviewing coaching session was very helpful. You make some really important points. I will read and retain all the information you gave me yesterday and hopefully it will make me stronger when I interview. Thank-you making it clear that I need to be more confident so I am stronger and able to "sell myself" even better. I will work on the behavioural interview questions so I am prepared and I will have results. Have a great day. I.", K. khan, International Medical Graduate

"It was a pleasure meeting with you today. I left your office feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. I am fully confident in your professional ability, and was amazed by the way, in which you are able to paint such a clear picture with your words. It’s nice to meet someone who shares a legitimate interest in helping people, and organizations succeed. T.G, Communications Consultant"

"Hey! It's J.! The kid who had dental interviews. Haha. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help! The interview went superb, I came out beyond content and was very satisfied with my performance. U. of M. was even better. My only regret is that only if I found out about you earlier, I may have done a lot better at UofT. UofT sends out results in a couple days...both W. and M. are early July...regardless I will keep you posted. I feel extremely confident for W. and M....hopefully UofT will not be a disappointment. All in all, I could not have done so well on my interviews without your help, so I just wanted to let you know that I am very very grateful. In the future, whenever I have any friends of mine with interviews for med or dent (which I will)...for sure I will refer them to you. Best Regards, J", Dental Student, University of Western Ontario

It's just wonderful what you guys did with my resume, I love the way how it looks now., Rodrigo C, Accountant 

Hello Stephanie, Thanks very much for the wonderful work that you have done. I am very pleased! :), Yang X




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