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Writing Staff

Sonia Strimban

Sonia is a prolific resume writing strategist and career consultant, specializing in assisting clients uncover and feature professional accomplishments in poignant, concise and competitive documents. Sonia’s strength lies in her ability to rapidly establish a solid rapport with clients and collaboratively build a tactical strategy to leverage the client’s existing experience, education and training, personal and professional development and career aspirations into powerful, market-relevant resumes, letters, networking and biographical documents.

Having completed multiple degrees, including an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Canadian History, as well as a Master of Arts in English Literature, Sonia possesses a masterful command of the English language, and takes great pleasure in contouring, distilling and choreographing words to forge a sweeping array of compelling, attention-getting and sophisticated writing – her roster of projects includes, scholarly and conference papers, corporate website content, professional and executive documents, as well as award-winning creative pieces.

Kimberley Bethke

Kimberley credits her experiences across several disciplines, alongside her firm grounding and foundational knowledge of career management, education and teaching disciplines, with inspiring her two passions: writing and helping others. These passions led her to pursue an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in English Literature at the University of Ottawa, where she was selected for the elite co-operative education program. After relocating to Toronto, Ontario she joined the Career& Resume Solutions Team, a division of SurCorp Group, in a newly created role spanning career consulting and resume writing. Motivated by a sincere belief in the innate potential of every individual, Kimberley is committed to helping others to pursue and realize their dreams through pursuing her goal as a Certified Career Consultant and Resume Writer. As an award winning member of Resume Solutions, she has embraced her childhood love of words, and her innate desire to coach, mentor and assist individuals of all backgrounds and experiences through creative, explorative, and imaginative writing and consulting strategies that make the experiences and successes of her clients come to life.

Stephanie Guthrie

Stephanie, like many people of her generation, had serious difficulty pinning down her desired career direction during young adulthood. Also like many people of her generation, she simply accepted the first job offered her following completion of her undergraduate degree in psychology – a recruiting role in an Ottawa staffing agency. Quickly realizing just how necessary career services firms are to those seeking work, but not feeling quite comfortable in the agency environment, Stephanie moved to Toronto to cultivate her writing skills with a Master of Arts in Communication and Culture at York University. Upon finishing her degree, she found a home at Career & Resume Solutions, where she has the privilege of writing clients’ life stories and better yet, contributing to their own quests for meaningful, fulfilling employment. When not crafting biographies, resumes, and other marketing documents, Stephanie could likely be found in her kitchen roasting vegetables in the winter (or barbequing them in the summer), tormenting her small orange cat with the swiftly moving red projections of an ever-elusive laser pointer, or vigorously discussing current events with her partner and friends over dinner and a glass of wine.

Krista Parker

Krista is an avid reader and meticulous writer and editor with two degrees in English: a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English and a Master of Arts in English. An extensive background in writing and editing at the University level is complimented by a widely varied employment history which has spanned the fields of teaching, public sector and retail management. This combination of solid educational training and diverse employment experiences enables her to apply expert writing and editing capabilities, augmented by personal experience in a range of employment fields, resulting in professional career documents that are keenly focused on the client’s needs but balanced by the potential employer’s expectations.

Brian Morgante

Brian comes to Resume Solutions after spending some years analyzing & tearing resumes apart as the starting point in performing due diligence and pre-employment screening services for various client HR departments. From his years of digging and panning, he firmly believes that any career is interesting and significant in the hands of a good resume writer and correspondingly opines that no resume, however packed with career achievements or severe the arc of promotion may be, can make compelling reading if the writing is mediocre or worse. Furthering that double conviction, Brian’s work at Resume Solutions includes conducting interview consults, and writing, reviewing and editing all types of employment documents, always trying to identify core skills, underling abilities, transferable talents and nascent interests, and his unique specialty is harnessing recalcitrant virtues wherever they may be encountered. Many of these values Brian has developed while obtaining a degree in Philosophy & English and then further refined during a highly varied work life, dividing his time between entrepreneurial undertakings and time spent in corporate world as a professional researcher & consultant, stints in journalism and always pursuing a wide range of activities in the arts, from film and photography to writing and collage. If pressed in conversation to state some guiding principle or eschatology, Brian usually demurs but will sometimes approvingly cite Huxley’s “Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

Braeden Parks

Bio coming soon.