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  • Career Change
  • Stuck in Career Rut
  • Interviewing & Networking
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Defining Career path
  • Career Assessment/ Testing


Our Certified Career Coaches will work closely with you to develop and evaluate a career strategy, which can include career progression or career-change goals, managing your transition, as well as assistance with identifying and pursuing new opportunities.

Our Career Coaches work closely with our clients on diverse career related issues. We customize areas to the client’s specific needs and objectives.

With our guidance, the client is able to develop and evaluate a career strategy, which can include career progression or career-change goals, managing transition following rightsizing.

As well your Career Coach will provide assistance with identifying and successfully pursuing new opportunities.

Through tailored, one-on-one career coaching sessions, we provide targeted career development support that intimately aligns with the evolving needs of each client.


We have designed career coaching packages for all employee levels and take great pride in furnishing clients with the coaching tools and techniques to navigate the complex world of work, and take their next steps with confidence.

Our programs are a solid combination of strategic career coaching and career marketing tools/resources to equip you with the confidence, knowledge and materials needed to launch an effective job search, explore opportunities and secure new employment.


more_infoCompletion of a SWOT Analysis. What are your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities? 

more_infoDetermine your values -- What is important to you? What type of work do you want to do, what do you offer?

more_infoIdentify specific career opportunities -- Identify specific jobs, target your resume, and fine tune your interview skills

more_infoUncover the possibilities -- Where do your values, strengths and passions meet? 

more_infoEstablish a step-by-step career action plan -- Work with your Career Coach to implement the strategies. 

more_infoDevelop, refine and maintain your interview skills to clearly articulate your value proposition.

more_infoExpand your 'sphere of influence' by building a deep network. 

Our strategic coaching approach provides a career management and advancement process that reverses Career Atrophy and avoids the debilitating impact on confidence and morale that may cause you to settle for second best. The result is not only a far more satisfying career but one that delivers greater benefits.  Click Here for Coaching Packages

The steps above are a great place to start designing a career that delivers all of your goals.




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Leaving no stone unturned, the Surcorp Career Coaches will help you execute a proactive, multi-channel job search through targeted online searches, leveraging professional networks, bolstering your online presence and collaborating with recruiters.

During each customized coaching program our Career Coaches help the client build knowledge and articulate key professional competencies and personal attributes. By using personality testing such as Myers Briggs, we can assist the client to assess natural behaviours, strengths and weaknesses.

This information can provide valuable insight for the career coaching process, helping the client to portray professional and personal strengths, while at the same time redefine and address potential handicaps.


Our career consultants can quickly help you find ways to feel more elevated and empowered, and they can help you to build the goals and strategies that will get your career moving in a new direction.