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Career Assessment & Planning Methodologies 


Did you ever wish that someone could tell you exactly what you are good at and how you can maximize your "natural" talents in today’s competitive job market? Well, our Career Coaches can.

Our Career Coaches are certified to administer career assessment tests which can be combined with expert career coaching advice to create your career roadmap. Figuring out what you're best at or "meant to do" no longer has to be a trial-and-error endeavor. Through our career assessments your career coach will provide you with a compass to help you confidently navigate your important career decisions.

Our Career Coaches can help you whether you are a:


Career Hunter - targeting a specific role or organization

Career Explorer - looking at new career opportunities

Career Conqueror - expanding your success with current employer or industry


Career Planning Phases

  • Career Assessment  
  • Skills Discovery 
  • Career Blueprint & SWOT Analysis 
  • Career Research 
  • Identify Career Target (s)
  • Develop & Launch Job Search Plan 
  • Skills At Work Analysis  
  • Due Diligence & Career Growth Strategies 



Once you complete the Myers Briggs assessment, you will meet with a seasoned career coach for a personalized profile interpretation (your consultation can be conducted in person or via phone). This one-on-one session will help you discover and understand your strongest talents and learn how to customize a career path that takes advantage of your abilities and personality.

Many people who have struggled in careers that they were not cut out for or who have piled up degree after degree hoping to discover the right fit find this meeting a life-changing event.

Your Career Coach will help you set goals, take action and develop new habits to achieve the results you want. Discussion areas can include determining a career target, identifying values & strengths, interview coaching, building a job search plan or completing a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for your career, a job, or specific industry or organization.

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