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Career Coaching FAQ’s

What is career coaching?

Career coaching is a collaborative and tailored career management process specialized in assisting clients to discover and attain the career or income position that is ideally suited to them. Your Surcorp Career Coach will work with you to identify where you are right now in your career,  elucidate where you want to go, and establish a career management plan to help you reach your professional goals. Career coaching is suitable for individuals in transition, for those wanting help with their job search or for people dissatisfied with their current role.

How does career coaching work?

Unlike therapy, career coaching is short term and goal focused. Career coaching typically begins with a personal interview to assess your current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of our relationship, identify priorities for action, and establish desired outcomes Your career coach will work with you through a diverse formats such as face to face, telephone coaching, and via e-mail. Your career coach will schedule calls in advance and will provide the required structure to keep the process moving forward and on track. For more details on career transition or job search, refer to our services page. We start by discovering what motivates and drives you through the use of the most appropriate tools for you – such as assessments. mature_woman_with_team

Your career coach will then determine what changes are necessary in order for you to feel fulfilled with your life work. This may mean a job change, company change, industry change or simply some adjustments to your current position. Lastly, we create a career map to guide you along your quest. As a career coach, we utilize various techniques to help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace so that others can appreciate your unique contributions.

Why hire a career coach?

You hire a coach to achieve your business, career, personal, family and any other type of goals you may want to achieve much more effectively, efficiently, completely, with more fun, and in less time than any other human improvement processes. Coaches assist you to overcome obstacles and fears, focus on solutions, have someone to bounce ideas off, discover how you can improve, accomplish more than you thought possible, and achieve balance in your personal, work and family lives. Professional athletes and top executives stay at the top of their game with the help of a coach. That extra support can make all the difference in the world because you take yourself more seriously. You take more effective and focused actions immediately and stop putting up with what is dragging you down. You create momentum so it's easier to improve your quality of life.

Career Coaching:

  • Provides a fresh, unique perspective and encouragement
  • Helps you think out of the box and choose a career that you will succeed at and be a good fit for your skills, values, passions, and work life preferences.
  • Helps keep the momentum going; stay on course with your action plan
  • Provides clarity and focus on aspirations, ambitions, and goals
  • Activates your dreams with an action plan
  • Pinpoints and navigates through roadblocks
  • Gives you the shot of encouragement when you need it and celebrates your successes
  • Finds a new job/career more quickly, saving you money


I live outside of Toronto. How can we work together?

Our career coaches have worked with many clients across the Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and the United States effectively via the telephone, skype, and e-mail. One of the benefits of career coaching is that it eliminates geographical boundaries, offering convenience and flexibility.

How much does career coaching cost?

Each individual comes to coaching with a unique set of issues and areas on which they would like focus. Please visit our services page to review the various package options. You can also select 1 hr career coaching session and add as many as you need. You can call us at 416-361-1290 and we'll review your needs and determine a program that works for you.


The value of the goals you achieve will greatly exceed what you pay for coaching. In fact, coaching clients have found that the value of the goals they achieve through coaching are inevitably priceless. There are also other, hidden benefits of coaching, such as enhanced thinking and decision-making skills, improved productivity, stronger self-confidence and better relationships.