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The world has changed extensively; coaching has become a much-needed tool to handle many transitions. There are more mergers and acquisitions, more job transitions, more self-employment, more downsizings and more small businesses. 

Our Executive Coaches have expertise handling diverse issues and challenges. Areas you may cover during the executive coaching sessions are diverse – ranging from issues that are linked directly to achieving the organization's vision to more finely honing your key staff members skills and various aspects of self management.

Examples Of  Typical Topics Include:


  • Developing vision and values
  • Culture change
  • Leadership coaching
  • Growth strategies
  • Reorganizing management teams
  • Business process improvement
  • Effective influencing strategies
  • Handling ongoing frustration, impatience and anger
  • Building self confidence and resilience
  • 'Results are good but I know I will have to move to another level to get the General Manager job'
  • 'My goal is to get the CEO role in three years'
  • Retention and motivation of staff
  • 'Strong in technical skills but need support in developing management skills" 
  • Reviewing career options
  • Building self awareness around leadership styles and personal interactions
  • Dealing with the management of an acquisition
  • Crisis management
  • Finding a clear simple vision for Division
  • Establishing trust in difficult team situation
  • Feeling burnt out / re-balancing priorities and life
  • 'Losing it' at a meeting – how to manage these scenes better
  • Dealing more effectively with difficult colleague
  • Improving team effectiveness
  • Handling difficult performance management discussions
  • Time management and delegation
  • Dealing with procrastination in decision making
  • 'Being overtly aggressive and controlling is making it hard to get peoples' commitment to key objectives'
  • Responding to criticism / giving feedback effectively
  • Relationship compatibility issues
  • Redeeming relationship with children
  • Succession planning
  • Mentoring high potential individuals
  • Cross cultural issues in business
  • Re-structuring the business
  • Managing the change process
  • Dealing with change at the personal level
  • Responding to 360° Reviews and climate surveys
  • Working through emotional intelligence competencies


When to seek out an Executive/Business coach?


  • Merger & Acquisitions: Coaching can be crucial during  big changes in the organization change(i.e. adaptation to changes in the market or in the environment).
  • On Boarding: This is when an individual commences a new job or position. This helps the individual have a successful start in his/her first year.
  • Rounding: Coaching high potentials creates accelerated development, which assists the individual to move up to the next level or when there is a lack of clarity where one is heading. Our coaches can help your high performers acquire the necessary new skills as they move to positions of greater authority and responsibility.
  • Leadership Development - This is essential for both high potentials and senior leaders. It is an ongoing process for the success of individuals and organizations. One has not recognized his/her core strengths and how to leverage them.
  • A coach can facilitate and accelerate acquisition of new leadership skills such as delegating, efficient team management, public speaking, listening skills, charismatic presence, ect…).
  • Senior Team Coaching - Team building and leadership development start at the top. The senior team of an organization must be the example of what the brand of the organization is trying to achieve. It is important that all of the senior leaders are heading and supporting the same direction.
  • Performance Coaching - Sometimes there is a behavioral problem that needs to be ironed out. The individual may be very successful; but behaviours may need to be addressed.
  • We also prepare individual for international transition when assigned to different location (expatriation and relocation).
  • Coaching is one key tool for use by both organizations and individuals to help achieve success in this new reality. Coaching focuses on the individual as a whole, their needs and the work they want to do, balanced with the requirements of the organization at that time. Through increased planning and communication from both perspectives, coaching helps ensure talent flows to where it should be, ultimately promoting enduring shared success for the organization and individual.
  • Coaching results include retention, accelerated development, succession planning, skill development, integration, performance improvement, assessment, and reducing barriers and behavioral problems. Coaching is designed to provide clients with a greater capacity to produce results and a greater confidence in their ability to do so.

Our executive coaches are former senior business leaders with success coaching senior managers on business strategy, change management, leadership, culture change, people interaction skills and performance management that have led to the identification of key competencies that form an effective base for: assessing improvement areas, targeting action ideas and the preparation of development plans for the executive coaching process.