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We offer corporate career advice & HR consulting services, including employee engagement, career transition and workshops.

Corporate Workshops 

We provide tailored business workshops and in-house programs that change employee performance and the way you do business. 

  • Customized keynote presentations 
  • Team building workshops
  • Leadership workshops 
  • Change management workshops 

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Certified Interview Coaching

Strategic interview coaching for job, medical, law and graduate school interviews.

  • Learn To Manage The Toughest Questions
  • Role Play With a Certified Interview Coach
  • Coaching on Behavioural Questions
  • Improve Presentation Skills

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Corporate Programs & Workshops

Studies show that the departure of a key employee can cost an organisation up to 150 per cent of the employee's annual salary. On a $120,000 salary that's $180,000 – just for one person. This is because when a key employee leaves, they take valuable knowledge capital with them. The cost of replacing this knowledge vacuum can be huge.

And the reality is that if you don't provide employees a way to manage their careers, they'll do it for themselves – without your involvement or knowledge. We know traditional retention strategies focusing on 'golden handcuffs' are ineffective. This is where an engagement-focused retention scheme that emphasises flexibility, accepts change can be desirable for both the organisation and the individual, and which actively helps employees advance their careers offers significant benefits

Revitalize Your Organisation With Employee Engagement Programs

At Surcorp, we use an innovative process that enables senior managers to work proactively and honestly with self and others to create rewarding and stimulating career paths. We call this approach empowerment-based career management. It enables the organisation to either tailor a career path that will keep the employee actively engaged or a practical plan for succession when the time for departure arrives. And for employees, it fosters an organisational culture where they are free to express their career ambitions – whatever they might be – and then proactively work with the organisation to reach those ambitions. The result is happy, actively engaged employees who stay longer, are more productive and provide greater return on the time and money you invest in them.


Coaching Skills for the Workplace

Surcorp has developed a series of "Coaching Skills for the Workplace" programs which are tailored for different levels of seniority, different professions and different organizational contexts. Each program teaches the fundamental coaching skills, however the scenarios and context for the program are varied depending on the audience and program goals. These programs assist organizations to develop their own coaching capability and culture. Please see the menu on the left for further information about our different coaching skills training programs.

Effective Workplace Conversations

These programs equip participants with skills and tools to have conversations that will achieve results while maintaining relationships. Different conversations include; performance conversations, conversations for giving and receiving feedback and conversations for influence.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence(EQ) is the capacity to recognize an emotional state - your own and that of others - and incorporate that into relationships, both personal and workplace. Research shows that Emotional Intelligence is what separates successful workplace leaders from the less successful (Hay/McBer Research and Innovation Group 1997).

Working with Teams

Surcorp offers a number of customized programs to help teams increase their effectiveness. Whether it’s understanding more about the styles of self and others in the team or the understanding the stages of team development and implications for the way the team operates, Surcorp can assist.


Background: Surcorp Group has developed a wealth of proprietary resources including Workbooks, Frameworks and Resources specifically geared to address the issues, challenges and interests of corporate clients. 

Content: Program participants will be encouraged to participate in the Training Workshops that will add the greatest value to their career trajectory. Further, all workshop attendees will be furnished with the necessary resources and materials to empower their knowledge and understanding of the subject area.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will expand their spectrum of knowledge and capacity in various subject areas. They will receive targeted and relevant training with specific industry related information.  

Other Surcorp Corporate Programs

Leadership Development Programs

Please see the Leadership section of this website for further information on leadership development programs such as, Social Intelligence, Leadership for New Managers and others.

Mentoring Program


Customized Facilitation