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Coaching With A Certified Interview Coach

Accelerate your job search success with Certified Interview Coaching

A successful job search requires a focused interviewing strategy to solidify job offers. Your interview coaching program includes a mock interview based on traditional, situational and critical behavioural interview questions. This enables us to provide strategic guidance to ensure your optimum success.

Your Certified Employment Interview Coach will challenge you to answer questions, from unstructured styles such as "tell me about yourself" to behavioural interviewing methods such as "tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a peer." Your interview coach will prepare you for the full range of interview methods you may face and can tailor the interview coaching simulation to a specific position you are seeking.


Achieve Extraordinary Interviewing Success!

Your Interview Coach will tailor the mock interview to focus on the competencies required for the role(s), which you are targeting. You will discuss questions that you feel may cause difficulty, and will receive expert advice in formulating effective responses.

During your mock interview session and in the use of our 35 page customized interview coaching workbook, you will learn to:


  • Show confidence and command without arrogance during all conversations
  • Demonstrate excellent presentation and communication skills
  • Effectively describe your skills abilities and experience to match their needs
  • Successfully manage those difficult and awkward questions
  • Ask questions to stand out and show interest in the role and the company
  • Look forward to any interview knowing that you are well prepared



Cutting-edge Interviewing Techniques To Help You:

  • Create new strategies to eliminate self-sabotaging interviewing tendencies
  • Handle situational & behavioural interviews to optimize success
  • Overcome career obstacles by transforming negatives into positives
  • Answer difficult questions by analyzing the "question behind the question"
  • Enhance and optimize your communication style
  • Develop your dynamic, self-promoting, 30-second elevator-marketing tool
  • Identify the interviewer’s communication style
  • Adapt your style to correspond with the interviewer


Interview Coaching can be either face-to-face or by telephone. Call 416-361-1290 or Toll free 1-866-361-1290 to sign up for Interview Coaching today or email to set up an appointment.