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Law & Graduate School Interview Coaching


You wrote a strong personal statement and got the call, however, you are concerned about your interview skills - such as what are the expectations of the school, how to answer behavioural questions or mitigate the weaknesses in your application? How can you leverage your strengths?  Our Certified Interview Coaches can help.

Your Interview Coach will provide you with the interviewing strategies for effective law and graduate school interview success. Your Interview Coach will equip you with the answers, strategies, and tools through role-playing. Our Interview Coaches have 20+ years of experience coaching law school and graduate school candidates on traditional, ethical, situational and behavioural interview questions.


Areas captured during the mock interview training:

  • Behavioural  questions i.e communication, team work, leadership, initiative
  • Current legal issues & hot topics related to your chosen field
  • Situational questions
  • Traditional questions
  • Ethics and ethical scenarios
  • Questions that identifies motivation & drive
  • Lateral thinking questions
  • Targeted questions for diverse graduate programs

During your mock interview, you will practice actual questions asked by schools in the past and undergo an innovative interview coaching strategy that will help you increase your success. Your will learn to build rapport and persuade the interviewer to understand the value you can bring to their school, faculty and peers.


Cutting-edge interview coaching will train you to:

  • On the strategies to eliminate self-sabotaging interview tendencies
  • Optimize your performance
  • Overcome obstacles by transforming negatives into positive
  • Answer difficult questions by analyzing the "question behind the question"
  • Differential between behavioural interviewing vs. traditional interviewing
  • Understand your interviewer’s communicating style
  • Develop good body language
  • Handle common interview pitfalls


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